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Art Is For Everyone Group Exhibition

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Ari Hersch took part in his first group exhibition since relocating to Tel Aviv, Israel in 2020, The show titled "Art Is For Everyone" by Kroll Contemporary Art (KCA) took place over four days in Savyon. The show was the debut selling exhibition of Kroll Contemporary Art. It included 16 emerging and established Israeli artists, showcasing more than 50 works.

The exhibition followed a New York style Vernissage. "It was a great success and it attracted well known art collectors, business leaders and artists, it was a great launch pad for Hersch" says Daniel Kroll, Founder and Managing Director of Kroll Contemporary Art. Hersch showcased his new body of work which consisted of a variety of multimedia paintings and tapestries.

Ari Hersch was born in Johannesburg in 1988. Hersch was never formally trained. Hersch attended the renowned Greenside Design Center after finishing school. During this period he received multiple awards and accolades on various architectural and design projects. Hersch’s works are fast becoming familiar to many. He has had works featured in group and solo exhibitions at key galleries and shows in South Africa.

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