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Terms of Service

Below are my terms of service for private commissions only. These are illustrations intended for personal use- they may not be reproduced, resold for profit, or used for any other advertisement purposes. For commercial illustration involving the acquisition of usage rights, contact me at


Sketches and Revisions

My commissions have a couple of steps towards completion- your feedback is important so that I know I'm going in the right direction with your art! Here is how I like to work:

  1. You will send me 1 - 3 Photo options in High resolution

  2. I will start the artwork based on the best one

  3. I will send you 1 sketch for your approval. You can request 1 series of edits that I will meet, free of charge.

  4. At the completion of the final work, you can request 1 final series of edits that I will again meet free of charge.

  5. I ask for an additional fee, negotiated separately, for more edits or major changes to the final commission. This fee will also apply if you want a complete re-do/you'd like me to make a different sketch.



All Payments must be made through the Website or Paypal.  I will send through a link that has a payment gateway.​

  1. All commissions must be paid upfront.

  2. My commissions are digital products- I can handle printing and shipping however it is extra and NOT included in the order. When I've completed your commission, I'll send you an email with a google drive link or a We Transfer Link, where you can download your piece as a hi-res JPEG and PNG

Cancelling and Refunds


  1. I will refund you 100% if you choose to cancel before I've started working on your commission.

  2. I will not refund you after the commission has been completed.

  3. If I need to cancel your commission for any reason, I will refund you 100%, regardless of how much I've already completed.

Your Usage Rights

You have the following permissions with your finished commission:


  1. Freely post the commission on your websites and social media, or use a cropped version as an icon, banner, forum signature, wallpaper, etc. I only ask that you credit me!  

  2. I will provide you a print quality 300 dpi digital file of the completed commission, which you're free to print for personal use.

  3. You may NOT solicit the commission as your own work

  4. NFTs. You may NOT use your commission for NFTs.

My Reservation of Rights

I retain all rights for the image that I have not expressly granted above. You may not reproduce, repost, or resell the image commercially.


  1. I retain the copyright of the produced image, including sketches. I reserve the right to use the image in my portfolio, as well as the right to share it online on social media.

  2. I reserve the right to refuse any commission request.



I do not provide a print service for commissions. However, If you'd like to get a print of your commission, I can assist you however this will be an extra charge.

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